These experts will show you how they teach pre-schoolers effectively

Featuring Ms Shirley Tan, ECDA Fellow and Principal of Church of the Holy Trinity Kindergarten; and Ms Christine Soo, ECDA Fellow and Manager of PCF Sparkletots.

Every one of us wants our children to do well, not just in academics but also in developing good social and moral competencies. But how can we ensure effective learning for our children and help them achieve their full potential?

From connecting well with children to working hand-in-hand with families, educators can adopt several methods to promote the positive development of children.

Here are two tips on uplifting the quality of early childhood educators:

  1. “The hand that works hard, put it close to your heart and that makes a difference in a child’s life.”

WWHMeet Ms Shirley Tan, who believes that the H.E.A.R.T is the principle of nurturing children and holding close to her heart where passion lies, is Humility, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Resilience and Trust.

When working with children, Ms Tan believes that it is important to remain humble and keep an open mind. Her positive attitude towards others builds strong relationships at work, her ‘never-say-die’ belief develops resilience, and she builds trust through her own words and actions which are consistent with what she stands for.

Ms Tan recognizes the need to meet the individual needs of each child by taking time to observe and understand their perspectives. Although this can be a challenging task for teachers, it is at the heart of what each teacher does, to discover and nurture the unique talents of every single pupil – as she adds, “working with your heart will create a lasting positive impact on a child’s life and the children can feel it.”

  1. “When children see important people in their lives working together, they learn that it’s important to build healthy relationships.”

WWH2“Families tend to know the children’s strengths, personalities, moods and behaviours very well and educators understand the children’s development, so together they make great partners in the children’s life,” said Ms Christine Soo.

That is why in pre-school settings, Ms Soo strongly encourages teachers and families to work closely together to exchange information, address specific concerns and focus on meeting the needs of the children.

By doing so, both parties can apply a suitable approach for teaching the children and thus, enable the children to receive the best possible care and education.


About ECDA Fellows

The ECDA Fellows are a select group of exemplary early childhood professionals with high levels of leadership and professional expertise. The sector as a whole benefit from their extensive experience and deep expertise. The ECDA Fellows work closely with ECDA to train and mentor other early childhood professionals.  They will also develop sector-wide resources for professional development, curriculum leadership and sector partnerships.