Leap of Love

While 29th February may seem like a normal day to some, it’s a special day four-years-in-the-making for others whose birthdays or anniversaries fall on this date.

We dropped by the Registry of Marriages Singapore to meet with some newlyweds who decided to tie the knot yesterday.


Forward-thinking Alvan actually had it all planned out four years ago, when he asked Elizabeth to be his girlfriend on 29 February 2012.

ROM 2.jpg

Meanwhile, Justin and Serene won’t be forgetting their anniversary date!

ROM 3.jpg

Zaw Min Htet likes February. So do we!

But with their special date happening once every four years, how will these newly-weds celebrate their wedding anniversaries?

ROM 4.jpg

Alvan thinks the girls will get a better deal, because they can celebrate their anniversaries twice – on 28 February and 1 March. Lucky you, Elizabeth!

ROM 5.jpg

Meanwhile, it’s nothing different from the Olympic Games to Dzou Chang.

ROM 6.jpg

Sakthi and Shivya plan to celebrate next leap year.

It was great to share in your joy yesterday. We wish these newly-weds a happy marriage!