It’s the first day of school! These 5 kids share their plans for 2016

By Minister Tan Chuan-Jin

I visited Little Footprints Schoolhouse yesterday morning, and asked some of the little ones about their plans for 2016.


It may have been way past Jia Sheng’s bedtime when we counted down to 2016!


Teresa would like to cook some fish and rice for her friends. Please be careful in the kitchen!


Mohamad Niq, your parents will be very proud and happy 🙂


Jezebel gives a #HintForTeachers


Vi-Yan wants to help animals such as birds…because of men who cut trees down! Better let Louis know about this budding animal rights champion.

It’s always a joy to meet young children – they are lively, bubbling with energy, and they are our future.

It underscores why we should strive to provide accessible, affordable and quality early childhood education for them.

Last year, we introduced the Partner Operator (POP) scheme. Little Footprints Schoolhouse is one such POP centre.

In fact, all parents with Singaporean children enrolled in a POP centre get to enjoy a one-off fee reduction this month. The POP and Anchor Operator schemes will help parents benefit from more affordable childcare services.

At the same time, we announced a new year goodie for our preschool teachers!


Those nominated by their employers for an early childhood leadership training diploma can apply for a SkillsFuture Study Award. This will support experienced early childhood educators to take their career further and even become centre leaders.

There’d be more initiatives to come, in the early childhood sector and at my other areas of work in MSF.

Looking forward to a good start in 2016!


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